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Papermint is dedicated, to making your life clearer, easier and as productive as possible!

We are happy to present the One Thousand Ideas Planner, combining notebook & diary into one.


one thousand ideas planner

Life can get chaotic at times. You want to be as productive as possible, but once again those 24 hours went way too quick. Let the One Thousand Ideas Planner help you to create some clarity and space for productivity. Like a good friend, this open dated planner will stick by you, to keep life organised with easy efficiency. Being open dated, you have the flexibility of using it when and how you choose to.

Yearly, monthly and weekly plans let you keep track of your busy life.

The one thousand ideas planner contains a date-finder -just in case your phone is outsmarted by an empty battery- two yearly overviews, followed by an monthly overview before every five weeks. Next to every week overview on the left page, there is a blank page on the right to scribble down thoughts, sketch a quick idea or collect your recent finds. You know it; this planner will change your life, take it wherever life takes you.



Papermint is a small stationery label based in Amsterdam. They want to help you create clarity and productivity, to achieve your goals by keeping track, taking note, observing and creating. The One Thousand Ideas Planner is their first product. The planner is designed & produced locally in Amsterdam and is printed on recycled wood-free paper.


one of a kind

All the planners are hand numbered, so your planner is quite unique. specific (lucky) numbers are available on request, depending on availability.


monthly overview

There are 12 monthly overviews, to plan ahead and have an clear overview of what is happening in your schedule the coming weeks.


For the bigger picture

we have added 2 yearly plans. great for jotting down those new years resolutions :) Because our planner is dateless (to be filled in by you) you can start those resolutions / goals / plans any month or day. Whatever works best for you!


WEEKLY overview

All monthly overviews are followed by 5 weekly spreads. All of them are slightly different, but they all have your week on the left, and lots of space on the right. For notes, inspiration, doodling, writing, ideas, plans, goals, to do’s or whatever you feel like :)


What date is it?

You can mark the month you are in, at the top of the left page. Underneath the months, you will find the days of the week, which you can add the dates to. The dots in front of Monday, will tell you which week of the month you are in, in this cas; second week.


get one, or two…

We are super happy to sell this fantastic planner in our shop, and for -limited time only- a special price too :)

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