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I am curious to find out more about you and your business !

On this page I will try answer any questions you might have before working with me, and provide you with more information on;

  • Why design is a big deal

  • My design process mapped out

  • Pricing for design packages

  • Frequently asked questions

After you've had a look, book your completely free consultation with me.

should i seriously spend my hard-earned cash on design ?

I think you know the answer; yup !

You might be looking at your website, and feel that DIY logo you did once, just doesn’t go with anything else anymore and that your brand message is even unclear to yourself by now. Or you just started out and simply don't know where to.

I feel your brand should reflect, how good you are at what you do. You are not a designer, I get it. Luckily you just found someone who is; whoop !

Let me help you out, I know this stuff.


Good design will convert more website visitors into subscribers and customers. A consistent brand, builds trust.


Good design will help you bring in more inquiries. Your potential clients will be blown away by how professional your brand looks & feels.


Good design will help your crowd find and recognise you. Be prepared to hear the phrase “that is sooo you” when you start rocking your new branding.


Design wisdom 4

Just as you are, extremely good at sales,  an amazing barista, or that outstanding photographer; design is my thing.

Save yourself of weeks slaving away, you focus on your business while i'll fix this.

my design process mapped out

I do very different projects, but they all have a similar process.                              It goes something like this;


01. Free consultation

Let’s have a chat, I’d love to hear all about you and your ideas. You'll be able to ask me any questions you have before booking! 

02. Pay your deposit

Once you've decided you want to move forward, you'll need to pay a 25% deposit to secure your spot in my schedule. Then 50% is due at the start of the project, and the final 25% is due when the project is complete but before the final files are handed over.

You want a discount ? Of course you do ! Let me know during our consult and I will tell you how to.

 03. Sign my contract

We'll both need to sign my contract so that we're fully protected before we begin working together.

04. Project management

I'll add you to my project management system, Asana. This is where we'll communicate and keep all your files and feedback. Don't worry - I'll provide you with a video tutorial on how to use it!

05. Homework

You'll need to fill a secret Pinterest board with inspiration and answer a questionnaire. Then you'll need to upload all your website content to Asana.

06. Kick-off call

1-2 weeks before your project begins, we'll hop on a 30 minute call if you're up for it. This is the perfect time to ask any last-minute questions you may have!

07. Moodboard

colour palette & logo design. I'll start the design process by creating a moodboard that summarises your brand aesthetic and colour palette. I'll show you three ideas for your main logo. You'll choose the one you like best, and then I'll refine it over two revision rounds.

08. Brand board

Your brand board will include the other brand elements listed in your package (logo variations, colours and fonts etc.) You'll get to see all the elements on one board. Then you'll have two revision rounds to make changes.

09. Branded items

This is the time where I create your 3 branded items by choice, could be business cards, social media, shop signage,  etc

10. Website design

I'll design a mockup of your homepage before I start working on the live site. You'll have one revision round to request changes. After you've approved it, I'll turn it into your live site and I'll make your other pages! You'll then have two rounds of revisions.

11. Final payment

Before I hand over your final files and website, you'll need to complete your final payment. I'll then send you the link to containing your finalised brand files and I'll hand your website over. 

12. handover session

At the handover, we will go through your website and all the files everything together. After this call you will know exactly, how to use your brand files to optimise your business. And you know how to use and update your website.

Some of these steps may not apply. It depends on what PRoject we will work on.




frequently asked questions

Can I book you per hour / day / week ?

Absolutely ! If your work doesn’t fit in the existing packages, I am happy to create a custom quote for you.

What platform will you build my website on and is it difficult ?

I'll use Squarespace to build your site. This platform has beautiful templates, and is very user friendly. I will teach you how to use it on your own, so you don't have to pay every time you want something changed.

Do I need to buy a domain or hosting before working with you?

Nope, you can buy your domain directly through Squarespace. However, if you already have a domain somewhere else (like Dreamhost), that's cool too. I'll just redirect your domain to your Squarespace website!

How quickly can I work with you? How about next week?

I'm usually booked a couple of months in advance, but cancellations happen, so do get in touch !

What happens when we finished our project together ?

Not to worry, I will not throw you in at the deep end. At the handover, we will  go through everything together, so you know exactly, how to use your brand files to optimise your business. And if all fails; I am always available for questions #brandbuddy #forlife !


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